"Pakistan Army "elite group (SSG) imparted Training to GB Scouts at Minawar Garrison for four weeks. Training included QRF (quick response force) protection of VIP and weapon handling. Troops of Headquarter FCNA also participated in the training cadre.
Training module of the Force is based on the training of Pakistan Army. Troops of this Force are trained to under take tasks of an Infantry Unit of Pakistan Army. Additionally the Force is also trained for maintenance of Law and order, riot control, mob dispersal, anti smuggling, anti narcotics, border security, VIP protection, search and cordon and counter insurgency operations.
  • Initial Training

    On recruitment each soldier undergo six month training at Gilgit Baltistan Scouts Training Centre. Subsequestly troops undergo different training courses/ cadres in the wings and Gilgit Baltistan Scouts Centre. Each year number of selected individuals also get training from Army training institutions. Training is conducted as under.

  • To train selected recruits so as to mould a raw civilian in to an intelligent, self confident, motivated and physical fit soldier.

  • Produce young soldier with sound character traits, mil bearing and appearance.
  • Prepare a recruite mentally and physically for IS and operational requirements.
  • To train recruit in handling of basic weapon being used in Gilgit Baltistan Scouts.

  • Training facilities
  •   Training facilities in Gilgit Baltistan Scouts includes
  • Aslt Course Range.
  • Small Arms Firing Range.
  • Indoor Gym.
  • Mountain/ glaciated training.
  • Training procedure
    Soldiers of Gilgit Baltistan Scouts are imparted multifarious training to undertake variety of tasks like conventional defence, border security duties, anti smuggling/ narcotics, VIP protection, route/ convoy protection etcetera. Initial training is imparted to all newly inducted recruits for six months at Gilgit Baltistan Scouts Centre. Subsequent training is imparted on the basis of trade. Promotion of soldiers is also linked with the proficiency of individual in his trade. Twice a year, trade training classes are organized in the Wings/ Gilgit Baltistan Scouts Centre.
  • Specialized Training
  •   Specialized training is also imparted as under.
  • Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) Training
    LIC is gaining importance as a vital component of conflict spectrum of terrorism as its ubiquitous manifestation. In order to counter this impending threat, Gilgit Baltistan Scouts plan LIC each year. Each individual is trained to take on this menace. Whereas fol proceeds are emphasized.
  • LIC training also made soldiers proficient in explosive handling.
  • Prevalent situation in the country warrants higher level of proficiency of all soldiers in combating LIC.
  • LIC training creates basic and common awareness amongst troops to understand the threat conceptually. They are trained to adopt proactive approach in response of the envisaged threat.
  • Soldiers are trained to achieve perfection in shooting skills. Maximum firing practice is organization each year.
  • LIC training also made soldiers proficient in explosive handling.
  • Mountain Craft/ Glaciated Craft Training
  •     Soldiers are trained to undertake such tasks elegantly
  • VIP Protection
  •     Soldiers are trained to undertake such tasks elegantly
  • Search and Cordon Operation Training
  • Internal Security Training


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